ELENTICA represents companies operating in the electronics industry in Tunisia, defends their interests and contributes to the development of the sector both nationally and internationally. It brings together industrialists and distributors, local and international, as well as establishments, research laboratories and institutional partners of the electronics sector in Tunisia.

These operators have launched an economic interest group “ELENTICA” which aims to boost the electronics sector in Tunisia. Officially launched in May 2017 with the support of the Ministries of Industry and Commerce, this business combination intends to further boost the electronic sector which is among the most dynamic industrial sectors in Tunisia.

Currently, ELENTICA is counting on the mobilization of forty-five operators who represent a turnover of more than one billion euros and employ more than 15,000 people in Tunisia.

What are we defending?

Our Ambitions

Promote the electronics industry in Tunisia and develop its competitiveness.
Encourage innovation and the emergence of new niches:
Develop human capital.
Foster good practices in projects carried out by members with their clients and develop inter-professional relationships.
Strengthen innovation and technological development.
Make Tunisia a regional benchmark for the expertise of its companies and its resources by increasing international visibility
Make the electronics sector a strategic axis creating value for Tunisia:
Increase the sector's share in GDP.
Increase the number of national projects.
Relax the related regulations.
Promote local collaboration and develop the value chain.
Cluster Elentica

Our goals

ELENTICA is a group of companies with an activity directly or indirectly related to the electronic industry and having for object :
Become a key player in decision-making concerning the electronics sector in particular and the EMI in general.
Promote the electronics industry in Tunisia to public as well as private operators (local and foreign).
Ensure the visibility of the Tunisian electronics industry on targeted markets and federate participation in trade shows.
Organize grouped technical assistance actions for the benefit of member companies of the Grouping.
Establish exchanges between the Group on the one hand and other complementary sectors on the other.
Our Executive Board


Walid Benamor



Mongia Argoubi

Vice President


Thomas Ghier

Vice President


Montassar Abdrabbou



Khaled Daami

General secretary


Khaled Mehiri


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