Marketing & Communication
Our achievements
Organization of Tunisian participation in the world's largest electronics fair ELECTRONICA 2018
Organization of the Tunisia pavilion at MIDEST Lyon 2019
Organization of a visit by French principals February 2020
Our perspectives
Organization of Tunisian participation in the MIDSET Lyon fair (March 16-19, 2021)
Organization of Tunisian participation in the ELECTRONICA Munich fair (November 2021) - Forecast 12 to 15 participants)
Preparation of a promotion support for Tunisia post COVID-19
R&D & Innovation
Our achievements
Research and Identification of Financing Mechanisms for Research and Innovation
Signature of a Partnership between the DGVR and ELENETICA under the tutelage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Our perspectives
Launch an innovative project based on the skills of the companies in our cluster
Promote the R&D and Innovation potential of our Cluster locally and internationally
HR & Training
Our achievements
Signing of a Framework Agreement with the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment
Completion of a co-constructed Master in Infotronics with ISTIC
Signature of a partnership agreement with ISET Bizerte 4C
Visit to several Professional Training Centers in electronics
Our perspectives
Establish an employment relay which will be the gateway to businesses
Develop actions to promote trades and jobs in targeted sectors to schools, primarily engineering schools, and vocational training centers
Logistics & Customs
Our achievements
Information on the various customs procedures (movement of goods / destocking of components / collection of industrial waste)
Our perspectives
Information and support on the 2016-2020 strategic plan concerning customs and the establishment of the status of Authorized Economic Operator, with the end of the OFF-SHORE status
Benefits & Regulations
Our achievements
Reintegration of the sales of international trade companies dealing exclusively with fully exporting companies in the definition of indirect export. (their exclusion the last 2 years constituted a break in the export chain)
Exclusion of the condition of being an input in the finished product to be exported to have the status of exporter
Our perspectives
Optimizing communication with the various Ministries and Administrations to facilitate our electronics manufacturers to operate more efficiently and create more value
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